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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it’s recommended that students ages 6-17 get in an hour of moderate to intense exercise every day. The sad truth? The CDC also reports that only 24% of students actually get their recommended exercise.

With videogames, Netflix and Instagram, it’s easy to place the blame for students’ inactivity on technology, but the truth is that using the right combination of educational technology and apps can help get your students moving and on the path to a healthier lifestyle!

From fitness trackers to YouTube channels full of free home exercise routines, technology can help students to be more active anytime, anywhere.

Take a look at our roundup of websites and apps for sports teams, P.E. and health class to get some tech-savvy inspiration for your next class.

For Instant Replays

If you’re a sports coach or a P.E. teacher, you’re going to love this. Have you ever found yourself trying to explain to a student why they didn’t make that basket, how to improve their push-up form or a way to work on their tennis serve? Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just show them an instant replay?

Luckily, there’s an app for that! A favorite with physical education classes, the BaM Video Delay app allows you to record your students from your smartphone or tablet with a delay to then show back to them in slow motion.

This kind of instant, visual feedback is invaluable during practices, games and sports instruction in P.E. class.

For Self-Reflection

If you want to take that visual feedback one step further, Edpuzzle is your answer. Step one is to record your students so they can watch themselves back.

For one middle school teacher, students are involved in the process on both ends: “While a team of kids might play volleyball, their peers record their movements, giving them footage to study when it’s their turn for a break. Students also use their downtime to record video self-reflections…”.

Then, students can upload their videos into Edpuzzle using the Student Project feature, where they can add self-critiques by sprinkling comments and audio notes throughout the video.

To open it up into a wider class discussion, you can review the videos together in the classroom or on a projector in the gym.

Using Edpuzzle also makes it a breeze to track your students’ progress over a period of time, so you can inspire them by showing off their improvement!

For Elementary Students

It’s a fact of life… elementary students are squirmy. With GoNoodle, you’ll find helpful video resources to get your students moving whenever you notice they need a break from sitting.

With funny characters and colorful backgrounds, this is a super engaging way to use up your students’ energy and get their endorphins flowing! You’ll find Zumba dances, fun exercises, stretching videos and meditation and calming videos to bring the energy level back down and settle students.

Best of all, there’s a whole video playlist to tackle that phenomenon every elementary school teacher dreads… indoor recess! We think you’ll love it as much as your students do.

For Creating Teams

There’s nothing more anxiety-inducing than allowing students to pick their own teams (if you’ve ever been picked last, you know what we’re talking about!).

The popular Team Shake app takes the guesswork out of creating teams. All you have to do is enter your students’ names into the app, choose the number of teams and give the magic hat a shake – it couldn’t be easier!

For Health Class

Rather than listening to you lecture about the food pyramid, why not let your students take control of their learning? With Edpuzzle’s online health certification for students, kids can work through the video modules and answer comprehension and reflection questions as they go.

With modules on healthy eating, mental health, drugs and alcohol, maintaining healthy relationships, and living a healthy lifestyle, this online course is a great way for your students to cover a broad range of topics while engaging with technology.

Check out the lesson plan for teachers for more information, and learn how to adapt the course to your specific age group.

For Sex Education

It’s awkward alright, but it doesn’t have to be! The Amaze organization is dedicated to providing students with straightforward, age-appropriate animated videos explaining different aspects of sexual health.

Take a look at their age guide to make sure you select the appropriate videos for your class, and then you can decide to flip your class by assigning them for homework with Edpuzzle, or if you’ll watch them together in class. It’s also a great way to give parents and families visibility to what your students are learning in sex ed.

So, when it comes to sports and physical education, use edtech as your ally to inspire your students to be more physically active. Your students already love technology, so why not bring P.E. into the 21st century where it belongs?

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