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We’ve all been there. And it doesn’t matter who’s asking – your admin, department head, fellow teachers, or parents.

Sometimes it can be hard to answer the question, “What is Edpuzzle?” in a nutshell!

Now, you can answer with a click. Check out this video that captures the essence of Edpuzzle:

Just like the video shows, Edpuzzle is many things to many people. So here’s what to say when they ask, what is Edpuzzle?

What is Edpuzzle? Edpuzzle lets you make any video your lesson by adding questions to check comprehension and to get students to engage in critical thinking.

What is Edpuzzle? Edpuzzle has a library of teacher-created content so you can share videos and get inspired by what other educators like you are doing in their own classrooms.

What is Edpuzzle? Edpuzzle creates its own, standards-aligned video lessons called Edpuzzle Originals, so you can get instructional videos with built-in practice made with you and your students in mind.

What is Edpuzzle? Edpuzzle’s screen recording tool lets you create the video that fits your students’ needs, where your familiar face or voice will guide them on their learning journey.

What is Edpuzzle? Edpuzzle’s real-time analytics give you insight into which students are ready to move on and which need more help.

What is Edpuzzle? Edpuzzle is used by teachers in over half a million schools worldwide – will yours be next?

So after you tell them what Edpuzzle is, you can ask your own question: now that you know, what are you waiting for?

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