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It’s almost the first day of winter and many of us are gearing up for vacation-mode.

Whether you’re trying to keep your classroom inclusive this December or just really love snow days, now is the time to celebrate winter.

We’ve scoured the Edpuzzle video library for the best winter-themed lessons pre-made by teachers just like you. Save time lesson-planning and enjoy your last days before the break!

Grades PK-2

The Winter Hokey Pokey

Early elementary students will love this adaptation of the hokey pokey. Want to make it more interactive? Play the video in Live Mode and have students put on their winter clothing along with the song. You could even time it perfectly and do it just before taking your class outside for recess. It’s fun for your students and time-saving for you!

The Snowy Day

This classic book has been given new life in this animated version. Kids will be able to relate to Peter’s fascination with snow and enjoy his adventures in the neighborhood. Try embedding questions in places you normally would stop, if you were reading the book aloud yourself.

How a Snowflake is Formed (Wild Kratts)

This Emmy-nominated show makes nature and science fun for the little ones. Who wouldn’t want to shrink down and ride a snowflake? Add a few comprehension questions to make sure they’re following along and you’re golden!

Grades 3-5

How to Make a Snowflake

Generations of students have made this easy craft activity, so why not continue the tradition? We like this video lesson because it stops at tricky spots in the process to clarify the instructions and reminds students to rewatch the section if they're lost.

Animals with Winter Coats!

We can’t talk about winter without talking about cute furry animals! Teach your kids how animals stay warm and why their coats change color depending on the season. Like this video? Check out the SciShow Kids YouTube channel for more great science videos about winter.

Snow Storm in a Jar

A science experiment with glitter? Yes, it exists. Students will laugh along with the star of the video as they recreate this meteorological phenomenon. We recommend adding notes at various points in the video lesson to adapt the experiment to your classes’ needs.

Grades 6-12

Unsung Heroes of the Arctic

While polar bears are cool (pun intended), your students will have a new favorite animal after watching this short documentary. This National Geographic video makes you feel like you're right there amongst all the action of the Arctic and is a great way to go over climates and adaptation.

How Does Hibernation Work?

Before you and your students go into hibernation yourselves, why not review what makes this process so fascinating. This TED-Ed video dives into how studying hibernation could help advance certain studies in science and medicine.

How An Igloo Keeps you Warm

You may have seen igloos on TV or in movies, but how much do you really know about them? This excellent PBS video goes over the science of heat and convection in a witty way that will make even the grumpiest teenager smile.

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