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Among all the festive days of the year...there is not one which stands so conspicuously for social advancement of the common people as the first Monday in September. -Samuel Gompers

Can you imagine life without a 2-day weekend? We can't either.

That's why on Labor Day we celebrate workers and their history of organizing to ensure fair and safe working conditions.

But when you’re a kid, it’s hard to understand just how monumental these changes were at the time.

The following video lessons go over the history of how Labor Day became a holiday and why it continues to be relevant today.

And because they’re Edpuzzle Originals, you can be sure that there’s built-in practice to help students understand what they are learning.

Happy Labor Day teachers!

For Grades 3 - 8:

"Why do we celebrate Labor Day?"

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For Grades 6 - 12:

"Labor Day & the Pullman Strike"

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