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This Thanksgiving, help your students discover that there’s more to the holiday than turkey, pie, and Pilgrims with buckles on their hats.

But seriously, those buckles, though...did you know the Pilgrims didn’t even wear them?!

In this free Edpuzzle original video lesson, learn the whole story of Thanksgiving, and spark student engagement with some facts before the feast!

Thanksgiving Lesson Plan for Grades 3-12

Edpuzzle’s ready-to-go Thanksgiving video lesson comes complete with built-in questions, and all you have to do is assign it in a couple of clicks.

It can be adapted to a wide range of grade levels from 3-12, so take a look to see how you can incorporate it into your classroom:

Copy video.

Assign the video as is, or create your own questions and audio notes to personalize the video even further to your specific group of students.

If you add your own open-ended questions, you can turn on audio responses to hear what your students have to say in their own words!

Key Takeaways From the Thanksgiving Lesson Plan

The goal with the Thanksgiving video lesson is to give students the full picture behind the holiday. Here are some of the topics this video lesson dives into:

  • The Indigenous Peoples who lived in America for thousands of years before English settlers arrived
  • The Wampanoags who lived where the English Pilgrims settled
  • Common misconceptions and myths about the settlers
  • The National Day of Mourning which honors the Indigenous People who died as a result of European colonization
  • What Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War have to do with Thanksgiving

It’s our hope that this Edpuzzle Original video lesson will help fill in the gaps and missing pieces of the traditional story of Thanksgiving.

If you decide to incorporate it into your class, make sure to let us know on Twitter @edpuzzle how it went! And of course, happy Thanksgiving, everyone :)

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