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That time between the end of the marking period and winter break can be hard to navigate for any teacher.

You don’t want to introduce new material that students may forget over the break, but you still have valuable, teachable hours to fill. It’s a snowman’s land, if you will.

Jokes aside, when your students’ minds are already on winter break, these lighthearted lessons will promote engaging, thoughtful discussions before the holidays.

Take a peek and assign the winter video lessons you love in just a click.

Elementary Video Lessons for Winter

For English language arts, help your students channel their inner Robert Frost with this video lesson on how to write a winter acrostic poem:

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Looking for a math video lesson this winter? This one answers the age old question: is it possible for two snowflakes to be alike?

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Dive into the science of snowman-building in this video lesson on how to engineer the perfect snowman:

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Could your students survive life on the frozen tundra? In this social studies winter video lesson, give students a glimpse into what it’s like to live in one of the coldest places on Earth!

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And if all that isn’t enough, make sure you check out the entire collection of curated winter video lessons for elementary students on Edpuzzle!

Middle and High School Video Lessons for Winter

Have your students put themselves in a winter artist’s (snow) shoes with this English language arts winter video lesson that asks students to use a variety of literary devices:

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Are your students constantly asking you when they’ll use math in the real world? This winter video lesson shows how one man combined his expertise as a mathematician with years’ of ice research to be able to safely skate on thin ice.

Don’t try this at home:

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Looking for a science video lesson before winter break? This lesson shows how the scientific method can be used in some very delicious, fresh-baked experiments. (Bonus points for bringing cookies to class!)

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For social studies, follow chef Gordon Ramsay through Norway as he explores the cuisines of the Vikings and the present-day Sami people:

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Don’t forget – you can find more winter video lessons in Edpuzzle’s curated winter video lesson collection for middle and high school students.

Happy holidays, teachers, and here’s to making it through to winter break!

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