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Illustration by Edpuzzle Staff

Costumes are a sure-fire way to get your students' attention and make a lesson more fun. Case in point, how many of you dressed up for one of your in-person or virtual classes this year?

If Halloween has snuck up on you this year (how is it already almost November?!), we want to make sure you’re not left behind.

If you want to get a little crafty, that’s great. If you’d prefer to put something together quickly with stuff you already have, that’s cool too.

Here are some of our favorite ideas for Halloween costumes that are easy and don’t require a lot of work. Because sometimes, we all leave things to the last minute!

1. Bill Nye


If you love assigning Bill Nye videos in Edpuzzle, here’s your chance to become “the science guy”! A white dress shirt, a bowtie, and a nice pair of khakis should do the job. Get a lab coat from a doctor’s costume and walk around saying “Science rules.”

2. Mister Rogers


The nicest man in your neighborhood is easy to recreate. Just get a grandpa sweater, a tie, and your most casual sneakers. If you really want to go all out, find a hand puppet and use it to go to the land of “Make-Believe”.

3. PlayDoh


You can turn yourself into this iconic classroom activity with a yellow T-shirt and a print of the logo. Use a hat or a colored-in paper plate to put on your head and show off what color you are. Don’t forget to remind students to put your lid back on so you don’t dry up!

4. Captain Underpants


This one’s easy simply because it doesn’t require a lot of...clothing. If you don’t mind feeling a little silly, grab some men’s underwear and some red cloth to tie as a cape. We recommend wearing a full-length bodysuit underneath for the sake of staying warm.

5. Pete the Cat


Who doesn’t want an excuse to sing Pete’s catchy song all day? All this costume requires is some cat ears, head-to-toe black clothing, and white sneakers. The best part is that the dirtier the sneakers are, the better!

6. Dewey Finn (from School of Rock)


Are you a rockstar at heart? Then you’ll love being everyone’s favorite substitute teacher for Halloween this year. Go to your local thrift store for a great selection of sweater vests and bow ties. Grab an instrument as a prop and make sure to rock on!

7. Peppa Pig


Here’s a great costume that’s also mask-friendly. Create a paper nose and attach it to your mask. If you’re teaching remotely, you could try your hand at some face painting. Either way, pair it with some cute pink clothes and a British accent, and you’re all set.

8. An Among Us Character


Like most kids these days, your students are probably obsessed with this hit game. Why not join in on the fun and dress up as one of those cute little astronauts? As long as you wear everything in one solid color, you can add any random hat or headpiece to complete the look. Pro tip: wear goggles to imitate their little helmets.

9. A muted person on Zoom


“You’re on mute” has probably been the most repeated line by teachers this year. For this funny joke costume, take a piece of paper/cardboard and draw the red microphone. Then, just use a piece of string to hang it around your neck.

Be extra playful by drawing the normal Zoom microphone on the other side. Students will know not to bother you on your lunch break when they see the red microphone turned over!

10. M&Ms


Delicious-looking and easy! No, we’re not talking about a recipe. Become this Halloween candy staple with just a solid T-shirt, some white gloves, and white felt to create the ‘M’. This one’s a great option for a group costume too!

Feeling inspired? Let us know if you end up dressing up as any of these options on social media. Happy Halloween teachers!

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