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If there were ever a time to treat yourselves teachers, it’s now.

Between teaching remotely, on a hybrid schedule, or in-person with safety measures in place, this year has been a whirlwind.

Lots of different holiday celebrations are coming up and we hope you’ll all be celebrated accordingly. Instead of getting your hopes up and not getting the presents you actually want, we think it’s totally acceptable to ask for what you’d like this year.

We’ve compiled a list of gifts that work for your home office, your classroom, or just as simple treats for your day-to-day. Share this list subtly or not, it’s your call!

  1. Plants


Studies show that being in nature can boost your mood. So why not bring a little bit of nature to your work space? Imagine how nice it would be to have a little (or big!) plant on your desk. We recommend getting one that’s easy to care for. Teachers have many talents, but having a green thumb doesn’t have to be one of them.

  1. A subscription box


Nowadays, you can get a subscription box for anything from hot chocolate to hot sauce. Look up “teacher subscription boxes” and you’ll find a variety of options that fit your needs or personality. You’ll love having something to look forward to each month, besides the occasional long weekend.

  1. A desk organizer


Hear us out. This might sound like something boring that you could find at any office supplies store, but nowadays the options are endless! Desk organizers can be made from wood, be colorful, and hold just about anything. Not only is it a practical solution to your messy desk, but it’s also a way to add some pizzazz to remote learning.

  1. Fancy slippers


You can interpret fancy however you want. The idea is for you to feel like your best self, even if you’re working from home. If that means that your slippers have a heel, feathers, or are made of satin, then you do you.

  1. An oil diffuser


Sure candles are a nice gift, but this takes things a step up. Find one in a beautiful bottle and you’ll feel your anxiety melt away. It’s also safer than candles, making it a great choice for home or the classroom (just make sure to get an admin’s permission).

  1. A framed photograph


How many times have you looked through your photo library wishing those pictures weren’t just on your phone? Save yourself the hassle and ask for your favorite photographs to be developed and framed. You’ll love having those special moments decorating your desk.

  1. A poncho


Forget the snuggie, this is the most fashionable blanket-like thing you can wrap around yourself to keep warm. Because it’s the holidays, ask for one made of fancy materials like alpaca or cashmere. You'll never be cold again and look cute at the same time the next time you're grading assignments. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

  1. Personalized stationery


Pencils, pens, post-it notes...Teachers can never have enough. Go the extra mile and ask for personalized pieces to feel like a real professional. As an added bonus, you’ll (hopefully) never have anyone forget to return your things again.

  1. A nice water bottle


A hydrated teacher is a happy teacher. You deserve a water bottle that looks cool and makes you want to drink more water. Want more versatility? Ask for an insulated bottle that will keep your water cool or your tea warm for several hours.

  1. Video-making tools


With all the video lessons you’ve been making, you’re practically a pedagogical Steven Spielberg. Knowing how valuable flipping your classroom is for you and your students, why not ask for the tools you need to make even better educational videos this winter? Whether it’s a document camera, a USB digital microscope, or just a quality microphone, you’ll notice a huge difference in your videos.

P.S. Don't forget that the best way to hold your students accountable for watching your video lessons is by putting them through Edpuzzle. Check out our individual Pro teacher plan or school/district plans. Whether it's from you or your school, an Edpuzzle subscription makes for a great present!

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