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As a teacher, there’s nothing quite as sacred as a school holiday, especially when it comes in the form of a long weekend or, if you’re lucky, even a whole week!

The good news is that however long your spring break is (and we know it’s never long enough), there’s a vacation to fit your personality and budget.

Stick with us to discover the best teacher spring break options (and don’t forget to let us know which one you settle on!).

The Staycation


The most wallet-friendly of all the spring break choices for teachers, there’s a great case to be made for taking a staycation.

Reason numero uno? It doesn’t take any planning. You don’t have to worry about packing a bag, and there’s no rushing off to the airport or a mad dash to beat traffic. All you have to do is kick back and relax!

That being said, there are plenty of ways to pump up a staycation. Always wanted to try the lunch special at that new restaurant in town? Now you can! And what about finally signing up for that morning yoga or kickboxing class you wished fit into your schedule?

A staycation is the perfect excuse to do all those things your non-teacher friends get to do in their normal lives, so take advantage of being able to get out and about and see your town with new eyes!

The Sleepcation


Like the sound of a staycation but looking for something even more low-key? My friend, meet the sleepcation.

Zero-pressure and with the solo goal of getting you rested, recharged and back on track, the sleepcation is exactly what it sounds like: a vacation spent catching up on your sleep.

It’s also not quite as sloth-like as it sounds. Spend the first few days sleeping till your heart’s content, and then your body will naturally normalize to sleeping the normal 7-8 hours a day. Don’t forget about the pleasures of afternoon naps, either!

Leave your hibernation den to grab a bite with friends or get some fresh air, or stay in those PJ’s and order in… if there’s any group who deserves it, it’s teachers!

The Workcation


Did your school have midterms right before spring break? Or maybe you decided to cut your students some slack and make that big project due right before their vacation started? If you’ve got a mountain of papers to grade, you might need to plan a workcation.

The idea behind a workcation is basically to work remotely while getting to enjoy the scenery of a new, exotic location. So, bring your stack of exams to grade while you’re sipping a mai tai at the beach bar (just not too many!), or curl up in the cozy armchair of your hotel lounge overlooking the mountains.

The good news is that you won’t be working round the clock, so you can take advantage of your free time to get out and explore! If you do have to work over spring break, this is definitely the way to do it.

The Road Trip


Have a need for speed and the wind in your hair? Why not plan a road trip? Chances are that there are plenty of places within driving distance of where you live that would make the perfect vacation destinations!

Make sure you give the old car a tune-up before you hit the open road, and do at least a little bit of planning to make sure you don’t get stuck without a place to sleep on longer driving days.

Get one of your friends in on the action (it gets lonely on the road, after all), or plan your stops and destination to visit friends you never get the chance to see during the school year.

You’ll have the flexibility to stop where and when you want to, so it’s the perfect vacation for any teacher who’s in need of a little taste of freedom!

The Big Splurge


Do you pride yourself on your saving? Do you have a designated vacation fund? Then now is the time to spend it!

If you’ve got a whole week off bookended by two weekends, you can check out further away destinations like Europe, for example, while if you’ve only got a 4-day weekend to work with, you could try somewhere that’s at least in your same time zone (or not too far off) like the Caribbean or Mexico, depending on where you live.

Teaching is one of the most emotionally challenging professions on the planet, so don’t feel guilty about going all out on a big trip if that’s what will bring you happiness!

Take plenty of pictures, try all the food, get off the beaten track and just enjoy being immersed in a totally new and different place. It’ll definitely make the rest of the school year easier to get through!

The Conference


Love learning, feel like a little trip and want your school to pay for it? Then you need to pitch going to a conference!

There are plenty of interesting edtech conferences that could potentially coincide with your spring break, and, your admins should be impressed that you’re willing to dedicate your time off to picking up new knowledge to benefit your school!

Conferences can be a lot of fun because of the chance to meet a ton of new people at meet-and-greets and meals, learn techniques to make your teaching life easier and get the chance to see a new city and stay in a cushy hotel.

Just remember that you’ll be asked to report on what you learned, so remember to take good notes (and not go too overboard on those welcome drinks!).

So, are you ready for your vacation yet? And because we’re curious, make sure to let us know on Twitter which of these teacher spring break options you’ll be partaking in!


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