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When it comes to Valentine’s Day for teachers, love is a battlefield. Between crazy crafts for elementary schoolers and raging hormones for middle and high school students, Valentine’s Day for teachers is not the same day of romance and relaxation as it is for everyone else.

You know you’re a teacher if this is what February 14th looks like for you:

1. Your Students Have Gone Wild

The sugar rush from consuming boxes of sweethearts and heart-shaped lollipops and boxes of chocolates has got your kids all kinds of crazy. You can forget about your regularly scheduled programming for today – your students have taken over. On Valentine’s Day, it’s their world and you’re just living in it:


The same goes for your older students – how can you expect to get the class’ attention when red carnations and stuffed animals from secret admirers could be delivered to your class at any time?

2. Your Classroom Looks Like Barbie’s Dreamhouse

Valentine’s Day bulletin boards, papier-mache hearts hanging from the ceiling, mailboxes for your student’s valentines lined up around the class… your janitor deserves a box of chocolates for the deep clean it’s going to take to get all that glitter and heart-shaped confetti off of the floor.


3. Your Significant Other Knows Not to Make Big Plans

It takes a special kind of person to be with a teacher. We work long hours, have a hard time talking about non-teaching related topics or understanding why you’re not as emotionally invested in Timmy’s learning journey as we are, and we’re normally exhausted.

While Valentine’s Day may be the day to celebrate your romantic relationship, if your partner really knows you, they’ll understand that after a full day of school, rather than a candlelit dinner at a fancy restaurant, your idea of the perfect date night is:


That’s true romance!

4. Your Single Friends Know How to Bribe You to Come Out

If you’re not partnered up come Valentine’s Day, chances are your single friends are planning a night out, and you’re invited. Given the fact that you’ve been up since 5:45 a.m. and you’ve already had a full day of Valentine-madness with your students, the last thing you’re probably up for is a night out.

But, if your friends really know you, they know there’s one way to get their teacher bestie to come out of Valentine’s Day hibernation:


5. You’re Covered in Glitter and Elmer’s Glue

If there’s one holiday of the year that you have to bust out the craft supplies for, it’s Valentine’s Day.

While all you have to show for it are paper cuts, glue peeling off of your fingers, glitter in places where glitter should never be and pink paint in your hair, your students will be taking their prized valentine cards home to the delight of their families.

Count that as a teacher win, but you do look like you just lost a fight with the my little ponies.


6. You’re Feeling the Love

At the end of the day, in spite of your stress headache and the classroom that looks like the inside of a piñata factory, you’re still grateful for those little monsters and all the Valentine’s Day love they gave you.


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