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We love a good teacher blog here at Edpuzzle. After all, you have to admire anyone who can blog on top of teaching! #Goals.

Not only are these blogs informative, inspiring and entertaining, but you’ll definitely want to be friends with these five teachers after reading what they have to say.

Here are some of the top teacher blogs in our humble opinion, in no particular order:

I ♥ Edu

A self-proclaimed technology nerd, Meagan Kelly’s I ♥ Edu blog feels like walking into your teacher bestie’s classroom for some friendly advice.

A high school math teacher in California, Meagan is relatable, helpful and fun – just what any great teacher blogger should be.

With a focus on edtech and math, she’s also put together a fabulous series of articles on transparency on her blog, including articles on using Twitter as a teacher and how to react when you make a mistake in class (yes, it happens to the best of us).

We’re fans of her innovative ideas for using tech tools as a teacher, like Creating a Class Newsletter with MailChimp and Communication & Collaboration With Slack. Any time you can get some free “wow” ideas make reading a blog a big win!

Meagan also posts inspirational and motivational content from time to time, so if you need a little pick-me-up, you can get it here, too.

The Jose Vilson

You’ve got to give it to a teacher who’s bold enough to drop a “the” before his name. The Jose Vilson is a blog created by Jose Luís Vilson – “the math teacher Gotham deserves!”

There’s nothing not to love about this blog. Jose is an activist dedicated to raising awareness about issues of race and inequality in education, and he teaches middle school math in the Washington Heights neighborhood in New York City.

What will you find in his blog? With categories spanning education to race, writing, Latinx identity and teacher resources, his beautifully-written articles will give you food for thought and fuel for you to up your teaching game.

Jose was also just the co-host of Nerd Prom (Math for America’s annual event) where he sang songs from “Hamilton,” and he sells t-shirts that read, “When they go low, we go teach” in his Teespring store. The point is, Jose’s a good hang.

Check out his articles On Creativity and the Stories Our Schools Tell Themselves or You Don’t Have to Lie (Hire More Black Teachers, Maybe). We bet your whole lunch break will fly by as you scroll through his articles infused with a great sense of humor and powerful insights.


Catlin Tucker’s enormously popular blog, CatlinTucker.com, is a great place for anyone interested in using technology in the classroom. She’s big on blended learning, and English teachers will be excited to find resources on how to use edtech to teach literature.

A former high school English, science and technology teacher in California, she now dedicates her time to her awesome blog and speaking engagements.

Her articles are wonderfully well-explained, fun to read and super relatable. You’ll get practical ideas you can use in your classroom like 5 Ways to Design Your Teacher-Lead Station or Blended Learning: 8 Respectful Routines on how students can use technology in the classrooms without morphing into monsters.

You’ll feel like you’ve known her forever after reading her incredibly personal and poignant posts about the fire that destroyed her home, and her section on her favorite web tools will have you planting a kiss on your computer screen.

If you’re like us, this is a blog you’ll come back to again and again.

Mr. Hill’s Musings

This blog is different from all the others on our list because it comes from the only non-American teacher in our round-up. Adam Hill is a British ex-pat living and teaching the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) in Hong Kong.

For any teacher who’s ever dreamed of leaving it all behind and pursuing the teaching life abroad, this blog will give you a peek into the lifestyle of a teaching ex-pat.

But Mr. Hill’s Musings isn’t just a blog about teaching in Hong Kong. It focuses heavily on flipped learning and using technology in education. You’ll find useful posts like Ten Essential Chrome Extensions for Teachers plus great articles for tech newbies like Sins to Avoid as Teacher Tweeters.

You’ll also learn about the Room to Read foundation that Adam’s school supports, which promotes literacy and girls’ education around the world. Check out his posts on Room to Read, including a trip to India to see one of the organization’s schools.

You’ll love getting a peek into the world of edtech with a focus on elementary students on the other side of the world!

Teaching With Technology

Bethany Petty’s Teaching With Technology blog is bursting with helpful bite-sized morsels of technology tips that you can implement in your classroom stat.

In fact, she’s even just launched her own podcast called “Try This Tomorrow” based on the idea of giving teachers easy-to-use resources and tips that you can start using the very next day. (Creating your own deck in Head’s Up to use for review with your students? We’re in!)

She’s also a full-time high school social studies teacher (you can find some specific resources if you happen to teach the same subject), an edtech speaker, a mom and a huge coffee lover, which you can tell by the peppiness of her posts!

Here you’ll find articles on the latest in edtech, like what Google Classroom is up to, resources to flip your classroom and a monthly mystery post (past topics have included everything from using QR codes in the classroom to the importance of self-care for teachers).

Where to start? Try her articles on Essential Smartphone Apps for Teachers and Technology in the Classroom: Teacher Goals 2018-2019 Edition.

So what are the best ways to keep up with the top teacher blogs? Subscribe to their email newsletters to get notified whenever new posts are published, and follow them on Twitter so you’re the first to get any news.

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