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Teaching is one of those rare jobs that allows you the free time to enjoy your favorite hobbies and work on side projects.

Said no teacher ever.

That’s why we are majorly impressed by any teacher who has the energy and makes the time to run their own blog. Teacher bloggers are a passionate bunch!

Because we know you love a good teacher blog just as much as we do, here are five fantastic blogs where you can find resources, inspiration, and some laughs along the way.

Free Technology for Teachers

Richard Byrne’s blog is COMPLETE. He posts often and on a huge variety of topics related to edtech. If you’ve ever got questions about using a new technology, his blog is a great place to start.

A high school computer science teacher in Maine, Richard knows exactly what information teachers are looking for and how to parse it in quick, easy-to-follow blog posts.

Check out his recent post on exit tickets including tools to use and 15 sample questions. We bet you’ll be able to use it in your next class!

The IgnitED Teacher

Urban math teachers – this is your blog!

Michelle Williams, the founder of IgnitED, got her start after dealing with years of frustrations with traditional professional development. The problem? The strategies and resources she received didn’t apply to urban educators.

In her own words, Michelle says,

“I help math teachers who teach either special education and 504 students, or below grade level learners. These teachers love their students but may not have the instructional to increase their achievement levels.

They generally try all of the cute ideas that the school district personnel provides for them. Only to realize later that the students showed minimal academic progress.”

Can you relate?

On her blog, check out her post, Classroom Management for Diverse Classrooms, and browse categories like Project Based Learning and Technology Integration among others. Her tips are gold!

The Techie Teacher

This elementary-focused blog is chock full of tips and tools for incorporating technology into your classroom.

Blog creator, Julie Smith, worked as an elementary reading specialist and later as an Instructional Technology Resource Teacher, so she knows just what teachers need.

She shares super useful tips in posts like My Top 5 Filming Tips That Won't Cost a Dime and incredibly creative ideas in posts like How to Create QR Kids. It’s a true treasure trove of material!

Larry Ferlazzo's Websites of the Day

This is another one of those blogs just bursting with content. So who is this Larry Ferlazzo behind the blog?

A high school teacher of English and Social Studies to English language learners in California, Larry breaks his blog down into digestible lists of resources from across the internet.

He’s taken all the work out of researching the best posts for teachers, so you don’t have to!

If you’re looking for a jumping off point for his blog, he suggests you start with this post, which is a run-down on some of his most useful compilations of content.

His blog will definitely save you hours of scouring the internet and Twitter!

Love, Teach

If you need to spend some time with someone who gets you, stop here. What began as an anonymous teaching blog that started the first week of Kelly Treleaven’s career teaching middle school English later evolved into a best-selling book that prompted her to share her identity.

Start anywhere on Kelly’s blog – we dare you not to laugh. You’ll find posts about all the highs and lows of teaching, including tips for self-care and how to make it through the tough days (breakfast burritos, anyone?).

If you liked these blogs, make sure you subscribe to their newsletters and follow these hard-working teacher bloggers on Twitter. Who knows, they might even inspire you to start your own!

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